Telecom Unlimited provides a virtually unlimited array of monitoring and notification capability, using either a site or cloud-based ICON Signals server.  Typical scenarios could be to initiate a site lockdown, a site evacuation, or a shelter-in-place.  Another scenario could be to notify you when a cooler or freezer has stopped working (typical for a restaurant or school cafeteria).

Event triggers could be from a door contact closure or opening, motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, water sensor, glass break detector, panic button, gunshot detector, etc.  The trigger could also be the press of a pre-programmed button on an office phone system, a number dialed from your cell phone, or from the touch of cell phone app.

Typical notification methods are SMS text, email, phone call, loudspeaker announcement, audible siren, visual flashing light, and video feed from a camera system.

Any combination of event triggers and notification methods may be configured into the Signals server, for a unique solution specifically tailored to your needs.


Texas License# B18860.