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Telecom Unlimited provides service and support for all of the systems we sell and install for our own customers, in addition to providing subcontractor service to a variety of centrally managed clients. Specifically, this includes:

• Direct Customer Service – We provide troubleshooting, repair and move/add/change (MAC) service for telephone systems, cabling, communications networks and IT infrastructure. This includes identification of telephone company line problems and management of the resolution in support of our customers.

• Subcontractor Service – For all of the services we provide to our direct customers, we offer the same capabilities on a subcontract basis to companies that centrally manage service for multi-location, big-box retail or franchise-oriented businesses. We also offer turnkey installation services for entire systems and networks within our primary operating region of West Texas.

• Toshiba National Accounts – As a national account dealer for Toshiba, Telecom Unlimited is part of a team that sells, installs and supports telephone systems and hosted VoIP solutions on a global scale. We are able to manage large, multi-location accounts that spread beyond our geographical territory of West Texas, utilizing a uniformly-trained team of certified installers and project managers. No other telephone manufacturer or VoIP provider offers a comparable global support team!