Midland is experiencing something of a renaissance in the telecommunications business. Midland Telephone Systems For Businesses are more important now than ever.

With a booming economy and solid growth, Midland has been making a name for itself in the last decade. Its oil business is thriving, it has established itself as a major distribution center, and when it comes to business telephone systems, companies are finding Midland to be the perfect center for operations.

One such company is Telecom Unlimited. They are forging the way in the phone system technology business in a myriad of different ways. They have extensive experience in designing, implementing, and deploying both traditional and VoIP solutions. Providing service on most major brands of business telephone system, Telecom United has become a valuable asset in the business telephone system boom in Midland. As with many other companies in the field, ‘telecommunications’ is a broad umbrella that generally includes:
– wiring for relocation of telephones, computers, FAX machines, credit card readers, video surveillance cameras, TV’s, point-of-sale terminals, cash registers, paging speakers, etc.

– Direct-buried telephone cable and fiber to connect buildings (schools, manufacturing plants, office-shop-yard facilities, etc.).

– Loudspeaker paging wiring for 25V, 70V and self-amplified paging systems.

– Coaxial and specialty cabling to support closed circuit video surveillance systems, cable TV distribution, satellite dish connections, etc.

– Specialty audio and video cabling to connect TV’s, projectors and videoconferencing equipment.

– Plus a long list of Network and IT services that include LAN and WAN infrastructure, Servers, PC’s, print and fax servers, security appliances, data backup, archival solutions and a seemingly endless list of similar services.

As with all aspects of technology, this sector is always expanding and evolving. Midland seems to be the ideal home for such vibrant businesses to flourish. Look for further advancements and new directions in this dynamic and lucrative field.